Invitation & Photoshoot

This cute older couple wanted a special invitation for their Roaring 20's themed anniversary party.

Bert vd Kleut - Corporate ID

A new logo design and house styling for Bert vd Kleut, a contractor in Putten.

A serie of 3 commercials and Tag-on's aired on the Dutch television during a periode of 5 a 6 months.

ViDa - Wedding & Event Planning

Logo, business card and a website for a new Event Startup in Nijkerk ViDa - Wedding & Event Planning

Invitation & Photoshoot

This beautiful picture was taken during the photoshoot and designed into an invitation.

Lipdub - De Texelgangers

A quick video shoot for a lipdub movie of a group of friends.


Aftermovie - Zomertoer (Week 2)

One of a serie short aftermovies of a game event in the summer of 2016 for GamePoint.

JOYFIT.nl - Corporate ID

A redesign of a logo and creation of a brand new business card - JOYFIT.nl

Wedding Group Photo Retouche

An unique wedding photo edited with Star Wars elements to spice things up! Here's a small breakdown movie how it's done.

Hertog Jan - TV Ad

At Peek Creative Studio's I worked on a TV ad for the beer brand Hertog Jan. I created the animation at the end of the ad.


Aftermovie - Zomertoer (Week 3)

One of a serie short aftermovies of a game event in the summer of 2016 for GamePoint.

Aftermovie - Zomertoer (Week 1)

One of a serie short aftermovies of a game event in the summer of 2016 for GamePoint.

Game Trailer - Bingo v3

The 3rd version of a serie Bingo bingo ads on YouTube and Facebook for GamePoint Bingo.

Game Trailer - Bingo v2

A 2nd version for the Bingo game on YouTube and Facebook. Check the game on GamePoint Bingo.

Game Trailer - Royal Dice v2

I created a new kind of game trailer for the Royal Dice game with a more human touch! Play the game on GamePoint.

Game Trailer - GamePoint Slots

To promote GamePoint Slots I created a Game Trailer to showcase all the features of the game.

Game Trailer - Royal Dice v1

One of my first game trailers created at GamePoint for the game Royal Dice.

Game Trailer - Bingo v1

A remake of an old game trailer for GamePoint Bingo. This was actually my first assignment at GamePoint.

Samsung Galaxy 6 (Edge)

An splitscreen (narrowcasting) animation created for Samsung to showcase their new smartphone in the T-Mobile shops.

Hoya Vision Care - Lenses

To showcase Hoya's Multifocal lenses at PCS I did the video edit and some small motion graphics.

Amstel Radler - TV Ad

At PCS I created this billboard animation/video for the Dutch television. Maybe you've seen him a couple of times?

Weight Watchers - Info video's

For Weight Watchers I created a serie of video's with animations for the Netherlands, Belgium and the France.

Quaker - TV Ad (Concept)

I worked with a small team at PCS on a concept video for a TV ad for Quaker.

Lipton IceTea - Video Special

A video animation for a special Lipton event.

Hoya Vision Care - Lenses

For Hoya Vision Care I created at PCS a serie of animations to showcase the features of their innovative lenses.

Bavaria - Event Video

An animation to showcase all their live outputs of Bavaria during an event.

ABN Amro - Studentenpakket

A narrowcasting animation on ATM's about student bank accounts and different insurances of the Dutch Bank ABN Armo.

ABN Amro - Reisverzekeringen

A narrowcasting animation on ATM's about travel insurances of the Dutch Bank ABN Armo.

Trust - Video Ad

This video was made for Trust a Dutch computerhardware company during my time at Peek Creative Studios.

Beautysalon Carola - Corporate ID

A new corporate ID for a Beautysalon in Hoevelaken. Beautysalon Carola